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Recent hip surgery necessitated this purchase. Not only was it reasonably priced compared to other options, it is very sturdy and easy to adjust. It feels very stable in the shower, and the bonus hand grip is very useful. This product made my recovery much more bearable, as I was able to maintain my normal routine and return to work sooner than expected.

Tracey Hogan

We live in a standard size apartment so the tub is pretty basic (and small in my opinion but I think it's a standard size). This shower chair is the perfect fit for a small space. The way the legs are designed is ideal for a small tub. The chair is very sturdy and holds my 200 pound husband with ease allowing him to shower now that he has mobility issues. The shower handle grip says in the description that it does not work on tile, and it does not. Unfortunately, we have tile in our bathroom so we cannot use the grip bar (but I did try :) ).

Holly J

This cane came in a small box with other items in a larger box, but was well packaged and well protected. I was quite surprised that there was no assembly. I unfolded it and it was completely ready for use. I had to unscrew the light to take a little circle of paper off the supplied batteries and it was ready. The light is nice and can be aimed from up to down and it stands on its own, much better on hard surfaces than on carpeting. It came with extra rubber pieces for the foot of it, a wrist strap, and has a carrying bag. This will be wonderful to travel with. I have a folding cane, but this one has so much more; I’m only sorry I didn’t get one sooner.


Received my product in excellent condition and I am very happy it and thank you for the grab bar. I have not installed it yet but it looks good

Jason A. Yoder

Perfect for our small shower, easy put together and study.
Would highly recommend.


My husband had knee replacement and needed some added support in the shower. This product worked very well for what we needed. It will remain in the shower because after all...we all can use a little support!

Beverly Sligar

Haven't had them very long, but they have a strong hold. They were simple to put on and I tested them out for my wife and I weight 200 lbs. and it held me just fine. I have 6 by 6 porcelain tiles and Had no problem with fitting. Great product for home and they easy to take on and off so we'll use them on vacations too.

Charles R. Beck II

I was looking for a bath support for our elderly parents - they are visiting for a short time each year and therefore I didn’t want to install a permanent bar. This bar is the perfect solution. Stable, comfortable to grip, super easy to install and... even when we travel with them - I can take it with us wherever we go. Highly recommended


Product arrived on time. I really like having grip bars that can be placed where needed when needed. Having just received them, it's to early to determine longevity or how long grips will stay safely in-place. These 2 grips were added to the other 2 already in the shower as we presently have a safety need that deserved to be addressed.

What I've found is the suction to glass and shower walls is excellent. I do a hard yank an each grip each time I use the shower.

Roy H.