Dr. Maya's Shower Chairs

Dr. Maya's Shower Chairs

The Maya shower is a unique health and wellness product that uses water from a tank that desconds from a nozzle held by a person. It is marketed as an alternative to the standard shower used in daily life. Essentially, this is a product that creates different sensations when using it. It is designed to improve your physical and mental health through encouraging healthy skin, hair and body.

The Maya shower's operation is very simple- it creates a rain-like effect when you lower the water tank from a height. This water then lands on your body and leaves behind a refreshing sensation. The water is adjustable to your personal temperature so you can enjoy it whenever you want. You can use this in the privacy of your home or in the comfort of a spa or sauna. Either way, this is an invaluable shower experience where you can unwind, refresh and relax your whole body.

The water used in the Maya shower is nutrient-rich and has anti-aging properties. It is made with filtered water and natural ingredients like green algae, echinacea and goldenseal. These natural ingredients enhance your skin's elasticity, remove dead skin cells and reduce inflammation. They also have antimicrobial, astringent and analgesic properties that have positive effects on your health. All in all, the Maya shower has many beneficial properties for your skin.

The Maya shower encourages self-awareness by giving you a chance to observe how your body reacts to various temperatures of water. The water is soothing when used at cool temperatures and energizing when used at warm temperatures. It also has an invigorating effect on the body when used to massage the skin or hair. Essentially, the Maya shower creates different sensations for you to experience through its varying temperatures and PRESSURES.

The Maya shower encourages self-awareness as it encourages you to adjust the intensity of your shower based on your current mood or condition. It also encourages healthy skin, hair and body since it encourages you to use it regularly under various settings. Essentially, the Maya shower promotes wellness through self-awareness, cleansing and nourishment!

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